J Street Windsurfing 11/1/14

Posted on November 4th, by San Diego Windsurfing Association in Newsletters, SDWA News, Sessions. No Comments

j street windsurfers

J Street Crew after a full and windy day. From left to right:
Dominik, Nina, Kelly, Dan, and Tuan

The San Diego Windsurfing Association met up Saturday Nov 1st for it's monthly races. The usual crew showed up including Robert V, Kelly, Dan, Nina, Tuan and Gregg. The formula sailors opted to not race but rather do runs to the Coronado bridge and get some screaming runs in the flat water on the opposite shore near Coronado. In the 15-18mph winds the formula sailors were getting pretty wound up with Robert on a 12m, Tuan on a 10m, and Nina on her 8.5m. Kelly and Dan opted for the 105 liter Starboard Hypersonic. For Kelly this turned out to be a frustrating experience as it's a full sinker for him, and Dan got a few planing runs in even with a 7.0 wave sail. The wind picked up however and the shortboarders got out to play. Dan was able to power up his 116 liter F2 ride with ease and blew every jibe and tack but luckily it was windy enough for quick waterstarts. As the wind died we all started to derig and said goodbye to Kelly as he is moving to Chile for the next several months. We are all sad to lose one of our most adventurous sailing partners and on behalf of the entire San Diego Windsurfing Association, we bid farewell and goodluck to you Kelly and to your wife Romilyn. We hope you guys find out there what you are looking for and get plenty of wind and fish along the way.

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