San Diego Winter Windsurfing Recap 15

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It's been quite a quiet winter this year. Not many storms to speak of and today we stand on the eve before the first promising South Wind event. After about a month of waiting for wind after the last run of wind around the Holidays, the last few weeks have been full of some pretty decent Windsurfing here in San Diego. Here are some of the photos and videos that I (Dan S) took or others that were sent to me. I encourage all members to document any sessions that they feel are noteworthy and submit them to me to be showcased on the website.

Busy Day Windsurfing Sail Bay, San Diego

Video above, taken by Chuck Mo. was from Sunday, February 8th. Sail Bay saw steady and consistent winds and the SDWA were out in force. However so was every other sailing regatta in San Diego. There were reports of having to sail through the sailing regattas. All in all was a fun day all around. At Tourmaline, the wave crew sailed in strong 20+mph conditions with 5-8 foot waves. The Lineup was as thick as soup with surfers unwilling to give up on surfing blown out and pretty crumby conditions. However Dan S, Chuck M, Brian W, and Dale managed to get in some sailing finding paths between the pack of surfers. Monday the 9th we Gathered at Sail Bay including Nina, Kelly, Dave D, Dominick and a few others. The wind was seriously strong (by San Diego standards) and many of us were out on shortboards. Wind was estimated to be 25mph at times as a flattened 6.5 and a 110 liter freestyle board was still difficult to hold down. Kelly was still on a 9M and a formula board sailing way faster than anyone else. Good to have you back!

Windsurfing Lake Perris

Brian and Myself found the Lake Perris to be a very easy, friendly and accessible windsurfing venue. Besides the drive it's an easy pull in, pay your 10 dollars, quick board check for mussels and clams (they know we don't carry them), and after we were able to cruise down to the waters edge on the sand and rig at the water. A tarp next time with some stakes might be helpful but not necessary. Wind that day was a good filled in and steady 20-25, dropping to 15-25 by the afternoon. The sensor to watch is Highland Springs and must be blowing directly East in the 30-50mph range for the lake to turn on in a Santa Ana. Any North and it will shut down due to the mountains that surround the lake. The reach was about 2 miles across the Dam wall and the water is deep and plentiful although it is far below capacity due to work being done on the Dam for seismic reasons. Some pictures below, sorry no sailing pictures, we hit it late and rushed to soak in as much water time as possible.
Lake Perris Windsurfing

Brian W checking the wind, finding it to be 20-25mph not 30-40 like we thought at first glance.

Lake Perris Windsurfing Rigging Zone

The Rigging zone is called Sailors Cove. It is easy accessible. Behind is the reach going out into the distance.

Brian W ready to go out and sail sporting a trendy modified Life Jacket.  The Life Jacket policy is unknown or unenforced but made for quicker water starts in the freshwater.

Brian W ready to go out and sail sporting a trendy modified Life Jacket. The Life Jacket policy is unknown or unenforced but made for quicker water starts in the freshwater.

Windsuring Lake Perris

Dan S doing selfie time before going out. Also sporting a really trendy life jacket. An impact vest waist harness might be a good option for lake sailing. At least it looks cool.

San Diego Landsailing / Windskating

It seems a few of us are sporting landsailing equipment and starting to storm the low tide sandy areas when the wind just isn't good enough for sailing on the water. A few are some clips and pictures of SDWA members Windskating.
Landsailing San Diego

Tuan at Mission Bay Jetty with his homemade landsailor / windskater.

Landsailing San Diego

Dan S' windskating setup. Random Craigslist mountain board with a whole drilled in and a 5.8 Ezzy Wave sail. Works in 8mph and higher winds. Photo at Tourmaline.

Lightwind Wave Sailing San Diego

Although not as stellar as high wind wave sailing Ho'okipa, with a modern floaty board, a 7m Sail, and the knowing you'll never plane, there is still plenty of fun to be had in the waves especially in smaller surf. Dan's setup is a 114L Naish Vector all Ride, short and wide and plenty of foam around the mast track. Brian W has a Hi Fly Twin 116L converted into a quad setup for good schlogging / surfing performance. Chuck M uses a Fanatic SUP setup for sailing and a 8m Maui sails wave sail in the lightest of conditions. If we keep our expectations low it leaves us for some good pleasant surprises. Below is some pictures my friends got of me (Dan) sailing Tourmaline in 5-8mph of winds and 2-3ft surf.  Sure beats waiting for wind. tourmaline windsurfing dan-wavesailing2 dan-wavesailing3

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