Fun Winds Grace San Diego Windsurfers

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Paul  windsurfing some decent San Diego winds 2/27/15. Photo: Paul & Kathy

Paul windsurfing some decent San Diego winds 2/27/15.
Photo: Paul & Kathy


Don fully powered on a 103l Exocet Slalom board with a 6.5m Sail.
Photo: Paul and Kathy

Friday, the 27th of February, San Diego Windsurfers were graced with pleasant wind conditions as a front that still lingers began to pass through the region.  Winds were averaged from 15-20 S/SW with some higher isolated gusts.  SDWA Sailors split up between a few sailing sites.  A few sailors went to the Hilton.  Dominik on 105l Exocet slalom board and an 8.5 plus 2 other sailors held down Santa Clarita point, and there were a few windsurfers at J Street in the South bay. The report from the Hilton was the winds were 15-20.  There was Amy on a 5.5, Don on a 6.5, Paul and Kathy on unknown (Thanks for the pictures!), and David Moyal.  The only pictures of the day was from the Hilton and it looked like great smooth water blasting. At J Street Gregg, Kelly, Chuck Ma., Steve, and Dan gathered.  Gregg on a 7.5 and a 103l All Ride board, Kelly on his full sinker 105l Hypersonic holding down a massive 8.6, Chuck using his 6.9m Ezzy Panther and one of his beloved Astrorocks, Steve on his 132l JP Freeride board dropping down to a 118l Slalom and a 8.0m, and Dan on a 7.0m and a Naish Vector 114l All Ride switching down to a 90l Maui Bump and Jump Board.  A little weedy with the low tide but not nearly as bad as it can be in the South Bay.  Everyone had a great time and was happy with the conditions.

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