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IMG_8001eLake Hodges again this year is open to sailing but access to the sailing site remains the same. To sail the lake you either have to sail from Hernandez Hideaway down to the dam or walk about a mile down a road to the old sailing site where there is still the remnants of an old parking lot many of you once frequented. The gate to the parking lot remains locked and access down the road is restricted since the building of the new pump station. Currently, there are talks between a SDWA Member and Mark kersey to restore the old parking lot and again allow us access to the old sailing site by the dam. The only thing stalling these talks is that there is currently only one person seeking access to the lake and because of that it isn't a priority. Below, I've created a petition to change that. The content of the petition message is as follows:
I am writing you today to ask you to allow Windsurfers to access the parking lot at the Lake Hodges Dam. This will be crucial to foster actual usage of the lake as accessibility is the number one reason why most sailors opt to not use the lake. We are pleased that the Lake is open to windsurfing however; the current access to the sailing site is unreasonable for many of us to even consider using the lake. The current access situation is to park at the lot at Hernandez Hideaway and try to walk our board, sail, mast, boom, and any other provisions we need for the day about a mile down a dirt road. For some, this lack of access is a problem physically and for others a deterrent because the time it takes to access the lake isn't worth the trouble. If the access road to the parking lot near the dam was reopened, we would gladly use the lake again to windsurf. So in closing, please open up access to the sailing site near the dam as it once was so we can enjoy our beautiful natural resource as intended.
After filling in your name and email you can optionally write a custom message to go with the petition email. Please pass this petition to any sailors who might consider sailing the lake whether they are SDWA, past SDWA, Non Members or people from surrounding Counties that may be interested in sailing the lake. The current petition goal is at least 100 to show the city we are interested in using the lake to windsurf and the only thing holding us back is reasonable access.

Lake Hodges

Dear Councilmember Mark Kersey,


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