Coronado Ferry Landing

Site Name: Coronado Ferry LandingLocation: Ferry Landing Marketplace in Coronado. This is a bay sailing site. Skill Level Rating: Intermediate and up. Typical Sailing Conditions: Wind: 10-15 knots W to NW typically late morning to late afternoon. Avoid other directions. Water: Salt water, water temp is usually a few degrees warmer than ocean temps. Water quality is good, except for occasional bay kelp and debris. Avoid for 72 hours after rain. Boards: Formula or slalom. This site provides access to the central section of the bay so the ability to point and run increases the area of the bay to sail. Ability to quickly uphaul is critical when sailing in the shipping channel. Sails: Slalom or Formula. Gear note: due to a lack of suitable exit points in the event of a breakdown make sure your gear is absolutely reliable. Carry a cell phone. Water Conditions: Open bay sailing with prevailing wind chop accentuated when tide is ebbing against the wind. Boats and ships can create large wakes. Be aware of tide and effect on current. Best to sail in ebbing tide to be swept to windward. Keep clear of all ships and their large wind shadows. Don’t assume all boaters can see you and know the right-of-way rules. Wind Notes: Can be sailed year-round with dependable summer sea breeze being best. San Diego Bay is often windier than Mission Bay, although there can be great variability depending on location in the bay. W to NW creates a side shore launch and a leeward point to return to should there be problems.
Rigging and Launching Notes: There is a nice grassy rigging area right between the parking lot and beach which can be busy in summer. During launch beware of random sharp rocks and stingrays. Always shuffle. The launch is port tack with a slight pinch to clear the fishing pier. Once clear of the pier, check up and downwind for boat traffic before sheeting in and blasting off. Continue to monitor boat traffic at all times.Other Notes: Public restrooms are located outside the adjacent restaurants but not next to rigging area. If the beach or parking is full there is also parking and access at the end of D Avenue on the other side of Centennial Park. No grass or restrooms there. Parking and Fees: The free parking lot next to the rigging area is small so best to arrive before the lunchtime crowd to secure a close spot. A small loading zone allows gear drop off and pick up if no parking is available near by. Even during the busiest times a parking spot will open shortly. No competition with surfers or kiters. Directions to Site: Take Interstate 5 to the Coronado Bridge (75) crossing into Coronado. Stay right, take first exit past vacant toll booths onto Glorietta Blvd. This becomes 2nd Street. Turn right onto A Ave, then left onto 1st St. Turn right into the Ferry Landing Marketplace parking lot after passing B Ave. Park at the far end facing the Bay.